The 3M™ ESPE™ Lava™ Crown and Bridge Programme will close on 30th June 2019. If you have points to redeem please email before the deadline and we will contact you to discuss your current points balance

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The 3M™ ESPE™ Lava™ Crown and Bridge programme is our way of supporting dental practices undertaking Lava crown and bridge procedures.

The 3M™ ESPE™ Lava Programme is a scheme which collates the number of Lava crown and/or bridge restorations you place. Once you have reached a certain amount of restorations (in units), you can receive related free of charge product or promotional material to support your practice in placing 3M™ ESPE™ Lava™ Crown and Bridge Restorations. (See box on the right for a few product examples.)

Who is eligible to sign up to the Lava™ Crown & Bridge Programme?

The Lava programme is available to dental practitioners in the UK and Ireland who are actively prescribing and placing Lava™ crowns and/or bridges.

How do I sign up?

It’s easy to sign up to the Lava crown and bridge programme. You can sign up online as either an individual or as a dental practice.

How do I register my Units?

In order to qualify, all Lava crown and/or bridge units will need to be processed using the unique Lava barcode which you will receive with each of your Lava™ restorations. When you enter the code in the ‘My Account’ section it will be verified and will be added to your account.

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How do I claim product?

When you have reached the target number of units for the related product you would like, simply click on the item of your choice on the products page. It is your choice as to how quickly or how often you claim your products!


Example Products

ProductUnits Required
Customised Lava™ Promotional Material500 Units
RelyX™ Unicem Self Adhesive Resin Cement Clicker™ Dispenser20 Units

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Points are allocated as follows

Lava crown1 unit
Lava maryland bridge1 unit
Implant Abutment1 unit
Lava 2 unit bridge2 units
Lava 3 unit bridge3 units
Lava 4 unit bridge4 units
Lava 5 unit bridge5 units
Lava 6 unit bridge6 units
Lava 8 unit bridge8 units